3M Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive 1000NF, Neutral, 1 Gallon


3M™ Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive 1000NF is a unique, water-based adhesive specially designed to deliver an effective combination of fast, heat resistant bonding, repositionability, and high ultimate strength. Our adhesive is non-flammable, polychloroprene-free, and has zero VOCs (per EPA test method 24).

A Faster Bonding Time 3M™ Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive 1000NF bonds quickly while achieving handling strength in approximately one minute or less. Along with its fast action, the potential for one-surface application also increases productivity while using less product.  Adheres to Many Materials By formulating an adhesive that is 48% solids, 3M™ Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive 1000NF provides up to three times more coverage than solvent based adhesives. It adheres to many types of flexible foam, latex foams, fabric, polyester fiberfill, canvas, wood, plywood, particleboard, and many plastic and metal surfaces. It is certified to GREENGUARD® Product Emission Standard For Children and Schools for low-emitting interior building materials. Recommended Applications High-temperature insulation applications Pipe wrapping Acoustical Insulation installation Architectural and decorative paneling Molded foam bonding Adhesive can be applied by spray, brush or roller Whether it is being sprayed, brushed or rolled on, the application of your 3M™ adhesive is a straightforward process. Start by carefully applying your adhesive to your surface until you’ve formed a uniform coat. Using an overlapping pattern, the application of one coat should prove sufficient for most surfaces. Effective adhesive coverage is accomplished when 80% or more of the surface is covered. Some substrates, including porous materials, may require an additional coat. In order to apply additional adhesive, simply wait until the existing adhesive becomes dry to the touch, and then proceed with the application of the additional coat.

  • Solventless, one-part adhesive requires no mixing for safe, easy handling
  • Stable bond provides good heat resistance for long-term endurance
  • Fast bonding for immediate handling strength to keep assembly processes moving
  • Low overspray and high coverage minimizes waste
  • Bonds a wide variety of substrates with high temperature resistance to meet a wide variety of needs
  • Available in purple and neutral colors

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