Sharp FP-F40E – Plasmacluster Air purifiers

“High-Density Plasmacluster Ions Remove Airborne Mold and Viruses
Removal of Airborne Mold *1
Suppressing the Activityof Airborne Viruses *2
Removal of Airborne Dust Mite Allergens *3
Reduction of Static Electricity *4
Removal of Clinging Odors *5
Haze Mode Powerfully Collects Haze Particles and Keeps the Room Air Clean
When in Haze mode, operation is at maximum airflow for the first 10 minutes, and then switches to a higher airflow for the next 50 minutes. After that, operation repeatedly alternates between normal and high airflow every 20 minutes.
Combination of Plasmacluster Technology and Three-Step Dust Collection System
1. REMOVE – Plasmacluster Ions Reduce Static Electricity
2. COLLECT – Powerful Air Suction and Unique Airflow Circulation Quickly and Efficiently Collect Dust and Other Particles
3. CAPTURE – High-Performance Filters Capture Airborne Dust and Odor Particles
Sleep Mode
When Sleep Mode is turned on, the fan automatically switches to low speed and fan operation becomes quiet. Also, the blue illuminating Plasmacluster logo turns off so that your sleep is undisturbed.”


“Removal of Micron-Size Dust Particles Including 0.3-Micro Viruses & Dust Allergens
Removal of Odours
Capture Microscopic Dust Particles as small 500 Microns”

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