Metatarsal guards are plates that are built-in or attached to safety shoes to provide extra protection at the vamp of the shoe. It is made specifically to protect metatarsal bones in your foot. Although this is targeted at specific industries like mining and foundries, it can be used by everyone for enhanced safety.


Protects upper foot and toe area by deflecting & dispersing the impact of falling goods. These are great in environments with sparks or where there is a higher risk of objects falling or rolling onto the instep of the worker’s foot.

Made from composite materials, the guard is light-weight and airport-friendly, yet strong. The external guard allows more flexibility for companies than built in metatarsal guards. It gives you the opportunity to choose the optimal safety shoe from Nitti’s extensive range with added metatarsal protection.

Ever wondered what a metatarsal guard was? Or maybe why you were required to wear metatarsal guard safety shoes at work? Believe it or not, metatarsal guards play a huge role in protecting your feet in the workplace. Everyday you get up, go to work, perform to your best ability, come home, and get up the next day to repeat the cycle over again. Not once does it cross your mind about what would happen if something were to fall on your foot at work, and throw a wrench in your daily lifestyle due to a foot injury. The metatarsal guard is there for one reason: to insure that nothing will crush your foot.Protecting Your FeetSafety is so important in the workplace. Thats why employers have to make sure that workers are always protected on the job, and feet are no exception. Metatarsal guards are a form of personal protective equipment (PPE). In other words, they protect the top of the foot from heavy weights that may cause injuries by heavy items falling, dropping, or rolling onto the top of the foot. Metatarsal guards are manufactured from aluminum, steel, lightweight composites or synthetic materials to help prevent injuries for workplace safety shoes. Maximum Foot ProtectionThe metatarsal bones in your foot are prone to injury because the front of the foot sticks out beyond the body line. This is an easy way for a rolling or falling object to collide with your foot. If you rub the top of your foot with your hand, you can feel the unprotected metatarsal bones right next to the surface of the skin. Notice how close the bones are to the skin and note that there is virtually no flesh, muscle, or fat, protecting the bones in this part of your body. With a metatarsal guard, your hooves are receiving maximum protection from a simple plate being put in your safety footwear to help prevent any type of foot injury.Next time you go to put on a pair of work shoes, pay attention to the metatarsal guard portion of the safety shoe. It might not look like much, but it is saving you a foot in the long run and protection to keep you safe on the job. Healthy feet are the key to a healthy life!

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