G80 Chemical Resistant Gauntlet – 45 cm Hand-specific Pairs / Green

Modified nitrile formulation for improved durability and chemical resistance,Textured fingertips and palm for enhanced grip, Consistent cotton flock lining for added comfort, Improved AQL of 0.65 versus 1.5, resulting in fewer pinholes

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Are suitable for various activities and offer reliable protection against a wide range of chemical and mechanical hazards. . Each hand specific latex-free glove provides longer length to protect wrist and lower forearm and allows full immersion. The glove length is 46 cm, with 0.55mm thickness and sand patch texturing on fingers and palm offering enhanced wet and dry grip. AQL 0.65 for pinholes provides superior protection ensuring you get jobs done efficiently and safely. The gloves offer PPE category 3 protection for handling chemicals, oils, grease, alcohols, acids, bases or solvents also in immersion and providing the highest level of abrasion resistance (4). They are unlined to avoid the risk of linting and protect against contamination.Perfect for use in Aerospace, Automotive, Metal Manufacturing, Food, Transportation and Construction. Available in M/L/XL.

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