Energizer® Lithium 2450

“Lithium-based technology offers reliable, lasting power
Holds power for up to 8 years when not in use
Performs in extreme temperatures from -22 degrees F to 140-degrees F
Reliable dependable power when you need it
Cell size: 2450
Type: Lithium Coin
Volt: 3”


“The Energizer 2450 Battery. Power for heart-rate monitors, keyless entry, glucose monitors and more.These Energizer batteries can be used in various electronic devices to help provide reliable long lasting power.

This 2450 Battery can provide excellent continuous power supply for your device and it has longer shelf life.This high-energy, button-cell lithium battery lasts longer than silver-oxide batteries

Super fresh genuine Energizer 2450 3v batteries. Works in: Garage door openers, home security systems, Remote control devices, lighters, electronic door locks, and automotive keychain remotes, radio devices, keyless vehicle entry systems, Bluetooth headsets, Photo Micro Lites, Motherboards, CMOS, Dreamcast VMUs, PocketStations, AbTronics, Watches, Cameras, Calculators, Electronic Dictionaries, and other devices.

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