Energizer® Lithium 1620

“For heart-rate monitors, glucose monitors, keyless entry, toys & games
Child resistant packaging
Reliable power for everyday devices
Trusted quality
Leak resistant
Holds power for 8 years in storage
Cell size: 1620
Type: Lithium Coin
Volt: 3


“Energizer Lithium 1620 is provide excellent low temperature performance.Multi-Drain has a 7-year shelf life combining Low Drain (LD) and High Drain (HD) batteries of the same voltage into one battery. lighter weight than Alkaline batteries.

This Energizer 1620 3V Lithium Battery is perfect for charging a variety of devices, including digital thermometers, calculators and more. This battery is ideal for digital thermometers, blood glucose monitors, calculators, PDA’s, watches and remotes.  It has a shelf life of up to 8 years”

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