Energizer® Alkaline A76

“Reliable power for watches, toys, glucose monitors, and calculators
Ideal for gaming devices, calculators, LED lights and electronic devices
Cell size: A76
Type: Miniature Alkaline
Volt: 1.5”


“Can be used in a broad range of devices Do not contain mercury They can be disposed off with normal household trash

LITHIUM COIN KEY POINTS High energy density and high voltage Long shelf life – leak resistant Wide temperature range for operation and storage Underwriters Labs (UL) component recognition for selected types Suitable for pulse discharge Ideal Standby power source Ideal for use in calculators, cameras, electronic games, watches and clocks, industrial monitors/controls, security devices, and remote keyless entry.

The Zero Mercury Energizer A76 is a multi-drain 1.5 Volt alkaline button cell battery. Outstanding performance and reliability combined with a great price makes this Energizer A76 alkaline battery a great buy and 100% guaranteed.”

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