Energizer® Vision HD+ Headlight (5 LED) (with battery)

“Max brightness: 200 lumens
Max runtime: 50 hours long
Max beam distance 70meters
4 different light modes: white spot light, white flood light, full& red for night vision
Dimmable beam to control the light intensity on any white light modes
Pivoting head to direct light where you need it
Next push off to turn off the light without the need to cycle through all modes
Shatterproof lens to withstand harsh conditions
Adjustable non-slip headstrap
Powered by 3xAAA Energizer® Max batteries included”


The Energizer® Vision HD+ headlight is another innovative headlight solution within the Energizer® premium headlight line. With the latest LED technology, users get abright, lightweight hands-free solution with ample run time capability. Patented optics offer exceptional direct and peripheralvision, making the Energizer® Vision HD+ aperfect light for home, work and outdoor activities. With the advanced dimming feature on all modes, users can control the intensity of light from 100% to 10%. Consumersalso enjoy the Next Push Off technology to avoid unnecessary switch cycles. With an adjustable head strap, water-resistant design and pivoting head to direct light exactlyas needed, this headlight is another way Energizer continues to deliver innovative lighting solutions

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