3M™ Versaflo™ TR-300 Powered Air Starter Kit, TR-315E

  • Simple starter kit with all the component parts to get you up and running. Simply add the headtop required
  • Slim, lightweight balanced design
  • Intelligent power
  • Easy to adjust and maintain
  • High capacity battery


The Versaflo powered air system combines performance, protection and functionality with modern, stylish, lightweight design and unrivalled comfort. Powered Air Starter Kit contains TR-302E Turbo Unit, Particle Filter, Pre-Filter, Spark Arrestor, Standard Belt, High Capacity Battery, Battery Charger Kit and length adjusting Breathing Tube.

Accessories available:

  • TR-617N Versaflo PAPR Assembly, EC Belt
  • TR-641N Versaflo Single Station Charger Kit
  • TR-6530N Versaflo Organic Vapor/Acid Gas/ Hepa Cartridge
  • Tr-6710N-5 Versaflo High efficiency fiber for TR-600-800 series


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