3M™ Hookit™ Clean Sanding Dust Free Disc Pad, 6 in, 05865

Best performing class of abrasives. Sands faster to improve technician productivity and reduce cycle time. Produces a consistent finish you can count on that results in higher-quality repairs reducing rework. 15 degree tapered edge delivers high sanding performance, especially on flatter surfaces.

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“Designed for 6 inch 3M™ Dust Free discs with Hook-it™. Designed for use with 6 hole, 7 hole, or other hole configuration dust free discs.

Featuring 3M-patented, precise multi-hole patterns, these discs can evacuate dust better than 5- or 6- hold products – dramatically increasing disc life. Cut isn’t compromised as the design achieves an ideal balance between abrasive and dust-extraction holes”

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