3M File Belt Sander – 28366

  • Works well for cleaning, deburring, blending, and finishing in areas that would otherwise be tough to reach
  • Even distribution of weight
  • Advanced gripping material for better ergonomic support and decreasing strain on the wrist
  • 360-degree rotatable housing and handle ensures versatile performance by reaching difficult areas
  • Makes use of 1/2″ x 18″ belts i.e. 3M Abrasive or Scotch-Brite Belts
  • Easy to maneuver with good operating efficiency
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Remove spot welds and work on metal applications including boron steel with 3M File Belt Sander and it will help you perform cleaning, deburring, blending and finishing on areas that are difficult to reach. This sander works well on hard and soft metals. On hard metals, it can grind and dimension, while it can polish and clean soft metals such as aluminum.

This file belt sander is known to offer great ergonomics by reducing the strain on your wrist. It balances the weight and deploys a solid gripping material so that sanding is effortless. The attached belt cover will not dismantle and drop while you change the belt. With a 360-degree rotatable housing and handle, performance is maximized by reaching areas that could otherwise go unattended.

This air-powered sander is light in weight, lasts long and is comfortable to use. The 3M File Belt Sander works great for sanding applications with improved productivity, ergonomics, and operational comfort.

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