3M™ Diamond Cloth Belt 651WY

  • Tough x-weight backing resists tearing during long term use
  • Micron-graded diamond mineral provides consistent finishes on tough metals and ceramics
  • Heat resistant resin bonding helps minimize thermal damage to the substrate
  • Heavy duty, cloth backing is waterproof for use with liquid lubricants
  • Available in 1/2″x12″ G:120 MESH
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The 3M™ Diamond Cloth Belt 651WY is designed for grinding and polishing ceramics, carbide, and cast iron. It uses micron-graded diamond particles affixed to a durable, x-weight waterproof cloth backing with heat-resistant resin bond.

Tough Superabrasive Belt
Designed for grinding and polishing, our 3M™ Diamond Cloth Belt 651WY can tackle tough materials including ceramics, carbides and cast iron. It also works well for stripping thermal spray coating during the refurbishment process.

Heat Resistant Resin Bonding
This belt uses a resin bond which is specially designed to resist heat buildup and holds the diamond mineral to the backing. This bond is excellent for work on tough materials such as carbides, ceramics, composites and cast iron. This belt is also liquid-resistant and should used with oil or water based lubricants.

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