3M™ A2299 Vacuum Hose & Bag Cover & Inserts (3MA1434 + 3MA1488)

  • Protects paper vacuum bag
  • Resists moisture, dirt, dust and grease
  • Easily slips on over vacuum bag insert
  • Engineered for efficient dust management when used with 3M™ Random Orbital and Orbital Sanders
  • When connected to a vacuum system, disc loading is minimized, which increases productivity, extends the life of abrasive products, and provide a cleaner work environment
  • Keeps air clean and breathable
  • Anti-static option reduces static discharge and may be connected to a 3M™ Dust Shroud or Sander
  • 1 inch external threads connect securely to 3M vacuum tools
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The 3M™ Vacuum Bag Cover (PN28303) holds and protects the 3M™ Vacuum Bag Insert (PN20338), a paper bag that collects dust created by sanding.

Collect Dust, Boost Productivity
Our black cloth 3M™ Vacuum Bag Cover is 9 inches wide and 12 inches long and protects the paper vacuum bag from moisture, grease and dirt.

One of the family of 3M accessories designed to work with a Self Generated Vacuum style 3M™ Orbital or 3M™ Random Orbital Sander, this accessory allows our dust collection tools to boost productivity, increase abrasive life and reduce rework.

Dust collects on the abrasive surface, becomes a layer between the work surface and the abrasive and fills the air you breathe. When you collect and evacuate the dust, you:

  • Get better finishes
  • Get longer abrasive life
  • Breathe cleaner air

3M™ Vacuum Hose connects 3M™ Random Orbital and Orbital Sanders to a self-generated or central vacuum system for dust extraction. Our 1 inch diameter hoses are available in standard or anti-static options and have 1 inch exterior threads. The vacuum hose threads are left handed, which requires a counterclockwise rotation of the hose interface on the sanders for proper attachment.

Efficient Dust Extraction
When used with 3M central vacuum ready tools and back up pads, the 3M™ Vacuum Hose provides a convenient way to connect between the tool and the central vacuum system. Dust extraction minimizes disc loading and improves abrasive performance, life, and productivity.

Connecting to Your Vacuum System
Whether operations require a standard or anti-static hose for dust collection, our 3M™ Vacuum Hose provides the connection between 3M central vacuum tools and workplace equipped central vacuum systems.

3M Dust Management Solutions
When dust is generated by sanding, it becomes a layer between the abrasive and the work surface, loads the abrasive media and fills the air you breathe. Efficiently evacuating dust allows increased abrasive performance and life, optimizing productivity and improving air quality.

Designed to connect 3M™ Random Orbital and 3M™ Orbital Sanders to a vacuum system, these hoses are manufactured to the same high standards 3M demands of all its products. One small component of 3M’s dust management solutions, our 3M™ Vacuum Hoses help businesses like yours achieve the best possible workplace environment and productivity result s for the work you do.


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