Energizer® Lithium 1616

“Long lasting. Lithium powered. Trusted quality. Zero mercury. Child resistant packaging. Holds power for 8 years in storage. Cell size: 1616. Type: Lithium Coin .Volt: 3”


“This Energizer 3V lithium battery is ideal for digital thermometers, blood glucose monitors, calculators, PDAs, electronic organizers, watches and much more.The Energizer 1616 battery is made for a variety of devices – from heart-rate monitors, keyless entry and glucose monitors, to toys & games.

Delivers high power capability and consistent long lasting performance. Also packaged with safety seal to prevent small children from swallowing battery.

Energizer Lithium provide excellent low temperature performance.

Multi-Drain has a 7-year shelf life combining Low Drain (LD) and High Drain (HD) batteries of the same voltage into one battery Ground shipment only 33% lighter weight than Alkaline batteries
Excellent low temperature performance”

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