3M™1300L Scotch-Weld™ Neoprene High Performance Rubber and Gasket Adhesive

  • Can be used as a contact or wet-bond adhesive
  • Flammability limit of 1% LEL and 10% UEL
  • Vapor density greater than or equal to 2.41
  • Vapor pressure less than or equal to 124 millimeters Hg


3M™ 1300L Series rubber and gasket adhesive is yellow in color and dries quickly while allowing time for positioning and adjustments of the substrate. This adhesive offers excellent resistance to moisture and heat up to 300 degrees F. It can be used as a contact or wet-bond adhesive. The solvent odored, liquid adhesive has a boiling point of 69 degrees C, flash point of -14 degrees F, viscosity of 250 to 1000 centipoises and a specific gravity of 0.854. It has less than or equal to 627 grams per milliliter VOC contents that ensure fast evaporation. This polychloroprene-based adhesive has shear strength of 549 psi at 75 degrees F. The product comes in a 1-quart can and withstands a temperature range of -30 to 300 degrees F.


  • Adheres on neoprene, SBR, butyl and other types of rubbers to other various substrates
  • Compatible with industrial spray equipment


  • General MRO
  • Bonding rubber gaskets to metal surfaces
  • General purpose bonding applications (should not be applied to EPDM or TPO), attaching rubber to various substrates, repairing rubber

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